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Breast Health 101 – Most Common Concerns and Complaints

Here’s a very interesting video where Dr. Roshini Raj, a “Today” contributor and medical contributor to “Health” magazine talks about the most important issues and complaints about the breast.

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What are the most common concerns?

The first one, tenderness or pain. many people experience that.

It can be very common and often this could just be a fact that you’re having hormonal fluctuations due to your menstrual cycle or because you’re taking a birth control pill. With menopause or premenopause women experience this. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a muscle strain. We have muscles behind our breast that can become strained. It could be a sign of a cyst or a lump. It absolutely should be checked out by your doctor but often is totally benign condition.

And how about discharge?

It’s common to have a little bit of fluid leaking out because we do in those ducts have protein and liquid that can sometimes leak out. However if there’s any blood tingeing that discharge it should be investigated. That could be a sign of cancer.

A lot of people complain about sagging breasts. Is there a cure for that?

You know, as we age those ligaments that i talked about do tend to become overstretched, and we get more sagging breasts. Also, the fat content increases, and the muscular content decreases. Fat tends to sag more. If you gain a lot of weight and lose it that could lead to sagging breasts. If you’re overweight that could lead to more sagging. Is there a cure? Not really, but if you do strengthen your pectoralis muscles it could improve the appearance.

breast health

Photo by Rachel A. K. via Flickr

If you find a lump what do you do and should you be really concerned?

I should say that many lumps are benign. It could be cysts, which are filled with fluids and not cancer. However, you cannot tell the difference yourself. Absolutely see your doctor. Get it investigated. Most likely you’ll get a mammogram and an ultrasound which can determine what is causing this lump. You may need some further tests. You should always take it seriously, but most lumps are benign.

How about self-breast exams?

There’s a lot of controversy. It hasn’t really been shown to save lives. As an individual i think it’s still a good idea to get to know your breasts, if you notice any changes. I think it could only help.

…more at http://video.msnbc.msn.com/nightly-news/46997931/#47230454

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