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Combat Wrinkle Weather: 5 Ways To Do It!

Winter is coming and an extra care is needed to protect your skin. USA Today’s writer Lois Joy Johnson reports about this:

combat wrinkle weather


Five ways to combat wrinkle weather

All summer long we slather on sunscreen, so when cold weather arrives, you’d think Mother Nature would give us a break. But no — fine lines that weren’t there in June sprint into town along with cold crisp air. Our skin feels dry all the time and tight when we wash it. It looks matte even when our makeup isn’t. Here are five ways to get back the glow and moisture of warmer months.


You need a truly serious moisturizer with humectants – ingredients that attract moisture to the skin and hold it there like hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, propylene glycol or urea. They plump up wrinkles and lines (which do look more noticeable when your skin is dry) for a firmer texture. You also want emollient ingredients called lipids which protect and strengthen the barrier layer of the skin and lock in moisture. Look for shea butter, avocado butter, omega 3 and omega 6 or ceramides on the label. Tap some moisturizer on lightly right over your makeup during the day to refresh the texture. This will help eliminate break-through dry patches and flakes.


Not your every day A. M. cleanser, please. You need a separate makeup remover to get every bit of foundation, shadow, liner and mascara off before bed. Even slight makeup residue on the skin can block pores and inhibit cell renewal and skin repair while you sleep. Pre- moistened wipes won’t require a rinse step and leave skin ready for moisturizer.


Now’s the time to step up your strategy. Treat your neck as part of your face and include it in your facial hydrating routine. You’ll be showing it off all winter in draped, V-neck and cowls. Treat lips to balms with shea butter or petrolatum. Massage elbows, feet and hands with extra helpings of moisturizer every day and night to prevent catch-up later on in the season when dehydration can encourage cracks, peeling and redness. OPI Avojuice Skin Quenchers Hand & Body Lotion has avocado and aloe and comes in mini-sizes, lots of scents for your bag ($8.39 for a six-pack).


Join a yoga class, run on the treadmill or swim at the Y to manage stress. Tension, anxiety and stress can cause elevated cortisol levels which in turn can affect moisture levels in the skin and increase dryness.Take a five minute computer break to super-hydrate your skin with a facial mask. Dr. Brandt Detoxygen Experience Oxygenating Facial ($75) feels like you spent a week at an L.A. spa.The two-step foam and cream process offers impressive results that last for days.


Approaching holidays are always temptations to slack off your diet but staying away from sugar and alcohol protects more than your shape. If you feel a binge coming on at least do it with nuts- a good source of B vitamins and healthy fats that benefit your skin’s collagen. Also try blueberries- fresh, frozen or dried they have high levels of antioxidants to fight free radicals and inflammation that stalk your skin.

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