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Is There A Way To Stop Aging Now?

At a certain age we all start seeing the effects of aging and many desperately ask: how to stop aging now?

old woman - stop aging now


In the last decade thousands of products were created to minimize the effects of aging, but can science discover a real way to stop aging?

Recently Elaine O’Connor wrote an interesting article about this subject. Here it is:

Does science have a “cure” for aging?

Academic longevity studies offer interesting clues to the fountain of youth.

There are recent studies touting resveratrol, a chemical found in grape skins and other fruits, as an anti-aging tonic. It was shown in some U.S. studies published in Nature in 2003 to extend the lifespan of fruit flies, worms and fish. It also appears to lower blood sugar and inflammation and cancer in rats, but the results have yet to be proven in humans.

A group of Texan researchers has found that drugs such as the antibiotic rapamycin will slow aging and extend the lifespan of older mice, a discovery touted as one of 2009’s top medical breakthroughs by Science magazine. The drug has also been found to improve learning and memory in mice engineered to develop Alzheimer’s.

Other clinical studies have shown that longevity might simply be inherited. A 2004 U.S. study of the offspring of centenarians published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society surveyed the children of 145 parents who lived to over 100. They found that compared to control groups, they were seven times more likely to live to ages 90 to 99, and were also 23 per cent less likely to develop hypertension, 50 per cent less likely to develop diabetes and 60 per cent less likely to suffer heart attacks.

Mood can also impact seniors’ health. In fact, a recent 2010 University of Iowa study published in the journal Gerontology found the mental well-being of centenarians depended most on past life satisfaction, not on their current health or quality of life. And they discovered that those 80 and older could improve their mood and stave off depression by reminiscing about their lives and sharing memories of happy times.

Read more:

So, can you stop aging now? It seems that it’s not possible to stop aging now, and probably we won’t find a “cure” for aging. But adopting an healthy life style and taking advantage of the latest anti aging supplements and products you’ll be able to retard it.

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