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Staying Young: The Best & Worst US Cities

Do you want to know what are the best and worst US cities for staying young?

Can where you live make you younger or older? It seems like the good and bad habits vary from city to city and that’s why the answer to the previous question is yes!

Here’s a very interesting infographic with all the answers…

Staying Young Infographic

Well, maybe I’ll think of moving to Salt Lake City as I would like very much to stay young…

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  1. N/a says:

    I would like to see where this study was done in Las Vegas. Most studies are done on the strip. Las Vegas residents do not live on the strip. We stay away from the strip. We do stay active. Many of us bike and hike though the Many mountains that surround las Vegas. Smokers are the idiots that are sitting in the casinos on the strip which again we don’t go on the strip.
    There are hundreds of parks that included walking paths for us to walk. Our children are involved in many sports and we have many sports parks for them. 100’s of workout gyms that are always packed with las Vegas residents, and some of us have gyms in our homes because of this! We have lake Meade where residents spend their time boating, water skiing and fishing. In the winter we head up the mountain to play, ski and snow board. When you fly into the city look at the homes, most have a pool so when we dont make it out, we spend our days swimming in our pools.
    Vegas residents are very active and take care of ourselves. You mention moving to Utah, some that live in Utah also live in Vegas!
    Look beyond the strip. Residents are not the slobs that are walking the strip!

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