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Top 25 Celebrities Who Don’t Age

America Ferrera & Marc Indelicato from Ugly Betty | Photo by SAMHSA via Flickr

1. Andy Milonakis
The comedian/rapper is now 38. Some say he looks 12 years old and they aren’t lying.

2. Will Smith
Will Smith seems to get younger by the decade. The Men In Black movie seems like a time capsule all filmed in the same year; but as we all know the trilogy featuring the youthful Will has spanned a decade.

3. Eddie Murphy
It has been over 20 years since the release of Delirious and Eddie murphy remains as youthful as ever. The years have passed but his skin does not how it.

4. Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon is still recognizable as the young stud in the 80‘s film Footloose.

5. Halle Berry
Halle Berry despite becoming a mother and starring in feature films many times over, staying youthful seems to have become a natural occurrence in her life.

6. Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon still looks like the young version of herself to this day.

7. James Franco
Jmes Franco has appeared in countless feature films and despite this, has retained his youthful good looks.

8. Sugar Rey leonard
No one has told the retired boxer to age as he remains ever youthful heading into his 56th birthday.

9. Tony Braxton
Ms. Braxton is proof that a youthful attitude can be as effective as any other anti aging remedy.

10. Jenny McCarthey
With her blonde locks, this vibrant entertainer remains youthfully happy, showing that youth is half appearance, half soul.

11. Eva Longoria
This latin beauty has successfully employed a mixture of anti aging remedies which have definitely worked for her.

12. Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe has successfully found his over 40 youth, and will be celebrating his 49th birthday soon.

13. Kirstin Dunst
Kirstin has evolved many times over as an actress but one can say she can still play the youthful characters that established her acting career.

14. Paul Rudd
This funny man has appeared in almost any modern funny screen tale you could imagine and if you imagine him any older in any of them you’d be shocked at his incredible youthful distain for age. He will be celebrating 44th birthday soon.

15. Stacy Dash
Stacey is one of the sexiest woman in tv series. Her sparkling green eyes captivated the attention of many and she remains as youthful as ever to this day. Despite still looking 25, she will be enjoying her 46th birthday next year.

16. Joseph Gordon Levitt
The french canadian actor has reached many heights in his artistic journey and still remains a youthful gentleman.

17. Jared Letto
Jared’s deep enchanting eyes have grabbed the attention of many, and his transformations have not affected his young look.

18. Demi Moore
Demi Moore is considered someone to learn from when it comes to staying young. She seems to do it so effortlessly.

19. Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams has looked the same ever since any can remember, she hasn’t seemed to have aged more than 5 years after having such a long acting career.

20. Diane Lane
One can see the age in Diane Lane’s physique but she remains a youthful person which creates an incredible appearance of youth. Being light hearted is one of the main secrets to a youthful appearance.

21. Iman
Iman seems to have recently been extracted from a freezing capsule where by aging has not taken any effect. This type of youthful skin is hard to find anywhere.

22. Scott Wolf
In comparison to his younger self, Scott Wolfe has kept his baby face.

23. Courtney Cox
Courtney Cox remains as everyone remembers her in friends and in her many other projects. It seems her fitness routine has kept her young and vibrant.

24. Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson has been in the shadow of Michael Jackson for many years but has remained as young as we remember her. SHe will celebrate her 47th birthday this coming year.

25. Elijah Wood
Elijah has retained his baby faced good looks as he continues on a successful career path with Wilfred (tv series) after his huge Lord of the Rings movie series.

It seems we have allot to learn from the anti aging habits and rituals all of these celebrities have in common.

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