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What is Resveratrol?

In the last couple of years there has been a lot of buzz about Resveratrol.

It has been a subject of a “60 Minutes” show and several “Oprah” and “Dr. Oz” segments. A lot of people say that Resveratrol may be the key to longevity and anti-aging.

What is resveratrol, anyway?

Let’s look a bit deeper into this hot topic with an article written by Mark Stibich, Ph.D.

Red Wine: Resveratrol

Resveratrol: What We Know

Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound, a substance thought to factor into the explanation of the fact that French people (who drink more red wine than people in the United States) seem to live longer their American counterparts, despite general consumption of a fatty diet. It is thought that resveratrol works by helping prevent damage to blood vessels and reducing “bad” cholesterol. There are more broad claims on resveratrol including, but not limited to, anti-aging and life extension.

Resveratrol in the Lab

Resveratrol in the laboratory has been a smashing success. A company called Sirtris developed a resveratrol “pill” that was the resveratrol equivalent of drinking 1000 bottles of red wine a day. The company gave the “pill” to yeast and worms to extend their life while preventing many of age-related illness. Later, Dr. Sincalir (the founder of Sirtris) gave a resveratrol-based formula to mice on a high-fat diet that seemed to erase the detrimental impact of fat on their health. That led to a $720 million acquisition of the company by GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical giant.

Resveratrol Outside the Lab

You can buy resveratrol supplements online. These supplements will talk about the research done in labs, but no evidence exists that shows that these supplements work in humans. The supplements themselves cost $2 to $4 dollars per daily dose, and the claims are not supported by evidence filed at the FDA. Meanwhile, GlaxoSmithKline (now the owner of much of the “real” intellectual property behind resveratrol), has yet to produce a medication. The first resveratrol-based medication will likely be a treatment for a specific condition that is age-related, such as heart disease or diabetes. An “anti-aging” claim filed at the FDA would be incredibly difficult to prove. Keep in mind that while resveratrol supplements probably do contain genuine resveratrol, many of the research studies behind them used formulations based on resveratrol with additional laboratory “tweaks.”

Naturally Occurring Resveratrol

Resveratrol is nothing new. It is found in red wine, grape juice, red grapes and even in peanuts. What is new is the fact that, in extremely high concentrations, there seems to be a health benefit. Whether resveratrol or something based on resveratrol will become an essential part of healthy aging remains to be seen. Meanwhile, be cautious of resveratrol supplements.

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Now that you know that Resveratrol is beneficial try to include it in your dietary plan!

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